Bub’s Roomate Totoro: Amigurumi Totoro Mobile

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but that doesn’t mean my obsession with preparing for Bub’s arrival has stopped, there are just several large projects all on the go at them moment, the main one being getting the nursery sorted, but I did this week manage to finally finish one element of the room, Bub’s My Neighbor Totoro Amigurumi Mobile.

I’d seen several examples of a crocheted Totoro mobile online and instantly fell in love with the idea, but not with the cost, this amazing one goes on Etsy for over £50, and when you add on the shipping to get it to the UK it was just simply too much for us to spend on a mobile.

Crochet Totoro Nursery Mobile (Made-To-Order) CustomizableDisheartened I showed it to my Gran while discussing her various knitting projects that started as soon as she found out we were expecting (she is really incredible and has knitted us so many lovely bits for Bub), after a few minutes of looking bemused while I explained exactly what Totoro was and why we wanted this rather than just say ”Winnie the Pooh” she said that if I could find her some patterns she’d happily give one a go.

I managed to find some amazing free amigurumi patterns online (listed below) and emailed them over to my Gran and sent down some wool I’d picked out, a few days later when ringing to talk her through the patterns, she informed me she was done (like I said…she’s incredible!) not only that but she’s fallen in love with amigurumi and has been out and brought a book so she can make Bub some more Japanese influenced cuddly critters. A few days later I received a box full of Totoros and foresty goodies in the post!

Finally after a few months of figuring out how to put it all together and how we would hang it over the cot, I by chance came across my old mobile in my mums loft this was the result:

I’m so chuffed with the outcome and after cleaning up my old mobile, removing the old sticker on the music box and replacing it with my own, printed onto Vinyl paper and wrapping the arm in green wool to cover up the evidence of age I couldn’t clear up with soap and sandpaper, I had the brainwave to wrap the wooden top of the mobile in wool also, up to that point they had been connected by a large crocheted ball similar to the Etsy example, I’m much happier with how it looks now, as it meant that I could hide the wool attachments, where as before the wool had simply been wrapped around the wood and looked somewhat messy.

So that’s one thing crossed of the never ending list of things to do for Bub’s room, we are getting there, slowly but surely and with only 6 weeks left we need to get a move on. I can’t wait to share the finished room with you all.

Amigurumi patterns used for mobile:

White Chibi Totoro: http://lucyravenscar.blogspot.fr/2012/04/all-totoros.html (Gran also made the smaller blue pattern, but it was too big for the mobile)

Totoro: http://www.amigurumitogo.com/2012/12/large-grey-totoro.html

All of the rest my Gran did from looking at pictures of crocheted raindrops, toadstools, trees and acorns and for the Soot Sprite I just asked her to do a black sphere similar to the colored ones she’d already done and add some eyes, there is also a marble inside of him to help counteract the weight of Totoro.

Pinspiration Post no.1: Cabled Baby Cocoon

This was the first thing I finished for my little man, and really the first big knitting project I’ve ever completed.

I’m sure my Nan taught me to knit when I was younger, but I never really retained any of the wisdom she had passed down to me, until a few years ago when I decided I’d quite like a new hobby and I asked her once again to show me how it is done. A few mug cosies later I was hooked and several of my family members received little jumpers for their tea cups under their Christmas trees, however like most of my new hobbies, knitting fell by the wayside as I concentrated on planning our holiday and the nights got warmer and knitting a scarf felt like less of a priority. UNTIL I found out I was pregnant and the urge to knit returned, ever the optimist I chose this cable knit cocoon as my first big baby project, alongside a blanket which I’m sure I will post pictures of once complete (in about three years time).

I searched Pinterest for a free pattern and eventually found one I liked the look of, completed on straight needles it eliminated the fear of circular knitting that I am yet to face:


I used 2 and a bit skeins of Sirdar Big SoftieFleckie (350) – 50g yarn and this was the end result:

Overall I am very happy with the cocoon as it was my first big project and also the fact that I seemed to handle the cabling reasonably well for my first time. The only issue was an error in the original pattern on the buttonhole row, which I didn’t catch first time round but once I realised I’d made a mistake and was more familiar with the pattern by the second buttonhole row, I managed to amend the second buttonhole row. This resulted in a slight error on the knit, but I’m happy that I learnt from it and could fix it, it has made me more confident reading patterns going forward. The row has now been amended in the comments section of the original post.

Can’t wait to snuggle my little guy in this cosy cocoon, will make a super cute picture too!