Bubs Neighbor Totoro – Grannies Totoro Jumper…..the sequel!!

So you’ll remember in my last post I was showing off the amazing Totoro jumper that my Granny knitted Little Man for Xmas and also mentioned I that hoped she may get the bug and create some more amazing one of a kind Totoro things for him. Well Granny came through, on our last visit she handed us not only another amazing jumper which comes with its own take along Totoro complete with pocket, but also a Totoro hat (I am yet to get a picture of little man happy in this as he is having some teething pain at the moment, but as soon as he smiles in it I shall post a picture pronto!). All of this was done yet again without a pattern. She’s the best!



I’m going to start documenting my quest to be more domesticated, and less, well….lazy, and, so I hope that you continue to follow me, hopefully it shall be lots of self deprecation, sensory play, geekery and food as well as serving hopefully to be somewhere to celebrate all angles of parenthood, both the highs and the lows.


Bubs Neighbor Totoro – Grannies Totoro Jumper

Have been meaning to share a picture of the jumper that my incredible Granny knitted Little Man for Christmas.


She proudly told me that she didn’t even use a pattern, when she visited us she snuck into LM’s nursery, took a picture of the Totoro decal on the wall and used that as a guide. LM is still a little too small for it but we can’t wait for him to be able to wear it.


Pinspiration Post no.1: Cabled Baby Cocoon

This was the first thing I finished for my little man, and really the first big knitting project I’ve ever completed.

I’m sure my Nan taught me to knit when I was younger, but I never really retained any of the wisdom she had passed down to me, until a few years ago when I decided I’d quite like a new hobby and I asked her once again to show me how it is done. A few mug cosies later I was hooked and several of my family members received little jumpers for their tea cups under their Christmas trees, however like most of my new hobbies, knitting fell by the wayside as I concentrated on planning our holiday and the nights got warmer and knitting a scarf felt like less of a priority. UNTIL I found out I was pregnant and the urge to knit returned, ever the optimist I chose this cable knit cocoon as my first big baby project, alongside a blanket which I’m sure I will post pictures of once complete (in about three years time).

I searched Pinterest for a free pattern and eventually found one I liked the look of, completed on straight needles it eliminated the fear of circular knitting that I am yet to face:


I used 2 and a bit skeins of Sirdar Big SoftieFleckie (350) – 50g yarn and this was the end result:

Overall I am very happy with the cocoon as it was my first big project and also the fact that I seemed to handle the cabling reasonably well for my first time. The only issue was an error in the original pattern on the buttonhole row, which I didn’t catch first time round but once I realised I’d made a mistake and was more familiar with the pattern by the second buttonhole row, I managed to amend the second buttonhole row. This resulted in a slight error on the knit, but I’m happy that I learnt from it and could fix it, it has made me more confident reading patterns going forward. The row has now been amended in the comments section of the original post.

Can’t wait to snuggle my little guy in this cosy cocoon, will make a super cute picture too!

Here we go….

I’ve always been obsessive, it was probably the first personality trait I became really aware of at a young age. Back then it was boybands, movie stars and movies and its since moved on to tv shows, tv stars, man bands….only joking, it’s moved on to slightly more productive (though not much healthier) obsessions, like planning our perfect wedding and last year planning our dream road trip in the states. But one thing that has always been present within these desires to plan and perfect is creativity.

Whether it was learning Photoshop in my teen years to enable myself to make some pretty impressive Ewan McGregor screensavers and wallpapers, or teaching myself web design at 13 to create my own Friends fan page, right up to designing and making all of the stationary for my wedding, my sister in laws wedding and even designing graphics, scavenger hunt sheets and itineraries for our big US adventure, I love having the creativity my Granny taught me growing up, through card making and cake making to help me make the most of my ever present obsessions.

So in my latest obsession, preparing for the arrival of our first child, I have again turned to creativity, although this time most of it is taking the form of knitting, sewing, general ideas gathered from Pinterest and my ever faithful Photoshop skills. So I thought that I would start a blog to show off everything that I have been doing, and possibly some things from the past. Also expect the odd post about some of the wonderful things the MUCH more experienced people in my life have made for our impending bundle of joy.