A moment of appreciation for Rockabye Baby Music

ImageWhilst I was pregnant I came across Rockabye Baby and was excited to start playing their albums to Little Man before he went to sleep, and ever since we started his bedtime routine at 6 weeks, he’s listened to it every night as we change him, get him ready for bed and give him his nightly bottle.

Rockabye Baby Music make brilliant lullaby versions of rock and pop classics, Little Man has been listening to Bon Jovi, Foo Fighters, Queen and Guns and Roses amongst many others, for the last 7 weeks and he loves it! They are great as the usual lullaby cd’s and baby Mozart type music boxes can grate pretty quickly but with these you can sing along and keep your sanity plus LM still gets his dose of Mozart and Beethoven from his bedtime projector.

My favourite albums are their renditions of Foo Fighters, Rush, Bon Jovi and Queen. You can buy the albums from their website, as well as iTunes and they are also on Spotify so you can make your own playlist for your little one or just work your way through the albums.

We also love reading Dr Suess to LM at bedtime. What are the things you love to do with your little one during your bedtime routine?

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